about me | 關於我

林琪香,旅客,賣文人,藝廊Kyoto 27負責人,現居日本。

曾於香港中國《明日風尚》、《ELLE Decoration》及《CREAM》等雜誌任編輯。留學京都一年半在完成日語課程後回到香港替雜誌寫設計、生活、旅遊等文章討生活。替香港Yahoo!打理品味設計版面,也為《MILK》、《U Magazine》、《新假期》、《端傳媒》《Obscura》Voicer.MeHomesquare 寫專欄,最近開始寫書,著作包括《器物無聊》(台灣木馬文化,2017年)、《好日。京都》(台灣木馬文化,2014年)、《喵店長》(香港天窗出版社,2015年)。

會廣東話、國語、英語及日語(JLPT N1)。:)


Facebook Page:【日文化慢行】
Instagram: @Keiheung

Tourist, Writer, Columnist

Ron Lam was the editor of several magazines including CREAM, a concept bookazine based in Hong Kong and distributed globally; ELLE DECORATION Hong Kong, and MING which is a culture magazine based in Hong Kong and targets to mainland China. After graduated from Japanese language school in Kyoto, Japan, she backed to Hong Kong and currently working as freelance writer for several magazines published in Hong Kong and mainland China, including MING PAO WEEKLY magazine, MILK, ELLE and ELLE DECORATION to name a few. At the same time, she is working for YAHOO! Hong Kong to coordinate the LIFESTYLE section.


3 thoughts on “about me | 關於我

  1. Hi! This is Kazu, the automata maker. Thanks for your post on me! It was nice to meet you at Keibunsha. Are you still in Kyoto? I am looking forward to meeting you again.

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